Sleeves, uhmmmm.....Sleeves.

VULTURES: at home 7"
('83 RCS,Holland)


Typhus: Hong Kong girl flexi
('81 Political,Japan)
Yep! this legendary flex was pressed by POLITICAL records. Singer IZUMI was later in ABURADAKO as guiter player... 

Willard: OUTLAW 7"
('84 Camouflage, Japan)
This is their 3rd! Cool ps!


('82 panzaplatte, Austria)




Confuse: Nuclear Addicts EP flexi
('84 Blue Jug, Japan)

('76 philips, Japanese issue)


Miyazawa Syouichi: Christ wa Umagoya de Umareta flexi
('81 Political,Japan)
livegraphy is here
STALIN: Dengoke flixi
('84 INGO')
Repressed issue, original one was pressed in red flexi issued by POLITICAL label.

Dry Heaves: Shoot yourself 7"
('81 Salem Records, CAN)


Mirrors: Out of Order 7"
('79 Gozira, Japan)
Their 2nd 7"!!

Olivensteins: 7"

Wow, original!!!!


the Starclub: Tool gate ahead 10" 
('81 ELL2)

Their 2nd vinyl. They had one 7"ahead of this, and 3 or 4 vinyls by the end of '84. Moreover they are still alive!! 

Stalin: Stalinism 7"
('82 Political, Japan)

Yep! the Stalin! 

Willard: LA CADUTA DEGLI DEI flexi
('84 Lucky strike records,Japan)

Vocalist JUN was ex-Stalin member as guiter. This is their 1st item.

livegraphy is here
ABURADAKO: same[1st 12"]
('84 ADK records, Japan)
I'm very proud that I can provide you this legendary item on here! Almost HC sounds but listen and die!!

Billy Wizard: Nazi Love 7"
('77 Wizardo Rekords,US)

Very Snotty item! I love you, Billy!


Blue Ice: Power Play 7"
('79? CRacKeD records, US)


LIP CREAM: Lonely Rock 7"
('84 HOLD-UP records, Japan)
This is their 1st 7". If you like Japa-core, listen or die! Tracks are LONELY ROCK,TABACO,GRASSER, and NO NO MERCY.

('79 Gozira, Japan)
Gozira's 2nd item. Not so punky sounds but great!!

('79 No label, Ann Arbor US)
b/w "Society's casualty" 
Sorry I don't know so much 'bout this mystery band...Anybody knows?

MARIA.023: same 7"
('79 Gozira, JPN)
Gozira's 6th&last item. Still punky sounds.
BUREAUCRATS: Feel the pain 7"
('80 Red Tape Music,CAN)
Bureaucrats....Yes Bureaucrats...

you can also check their lyrics here

('83 ADK 01-E, Japan)
Crazy Japanese traditional punk sounds you can listen on both sides.


BIZEX-B: Demo tape('81 no label, Sweden)
This is their first item, and later pressed 2 LPs in very limited quantity.
Please check their lyrics!!

Tsunematsu Masatoshi: Do you wanna be my Dog.g.g.?  7"
('79 Gozira label, JAPAN)
A.K.A. friction member. Now he is a famous painter in Japan!

('78 NOWHERE Rec.,US)
I don't know in detail, could you let me know anything 'bout them?? 

MODS the: NEWS BEAT+1 Flexi
('80 self label, Japan)

BAWS: Like let's have a ball Flexi
('84 ADK, Japan)
Japanese 1st Oi band!!  Have you ever heard of these songs?
Jack& the Rippers_2nd
Jack & the Rippers: Don't Pretend PS
('?? ??, Switzerland)
Yep!! They were planning their 2nd 7" in those days but it was not existed... BUT HERE IS THE PS!!! 

let me know if you're interested in any ps...also any informaiton regarding the above would be very appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!

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